Highlighted Immigration Services:

 Visa Petitions:                   
From Legal Permanent Resident for spouse and single children.
Visa petitions from US Citizen for spouse, children, brothers/ sisters, parents. Also Fiancée visas available. Contact us for more information on Visa petitions.
 Citizenship Application  
If you are not a U.S. citizen there are several ways to become one. For more detailed information on the naturalization process, please contact us for an appointment.
Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. This program is a relief for so many that were brought here as children, allowing them to obtain higher education and work in a field they love, with a work permit in hand. 
 Renewal of Resident Cards    
Alien Resident cards must be renewed every 10 years. Walk-ins welcome or call our office to schedule an appoinment for faster service today.
 Consular Processes                   
To obtain your Immigrant Visa to allow you to enter as a Legal Permanent Resident. Including after obtaining your waiver or provisional waiver apporval. 
  Adjustment of Status        
To obtain a work permit and subsequently your resident card while residing in the U.S., if you qualify. Contact us for your free consultation.

List of Services

“Celebrating more than 25 years of Immigration Services in Northern California” 

Registered with the State of California Immigration Bond #5242746

(no soy abogada/I’m not an attorney)



Offering Immigration services for:

  1. Visa petitions of Legal Permanent Resident for spouse, single children

  2. Visa petitions of US Citizen for spouse, children, brothers/ sisters, parents

  3. Fiancée visa

  4. K 3/4 visa

  5. Citizenship

  6. Citizenship inheritance

  7. Adjustment of status

  8. Consular processes

  9. Affidavit of support

  10. Renewal of Legal Permanent Resident Card

  11. Letters of Invitation

  12. Minor authorizations

  13. Fingerprints

  14. Immigration files (FOIA ) and FBI

  15. Unemployment forms by Internet

  16. Applications for passports

  17. Photos, translations

  18. Infopass


Ofreciendo servicios de Inmigración


  1. Peticiones familiares de residentes a esposa/o, hijas/os solteros

  2. Peticiones de Visas de ciudadanos a esposa/o, hijas/os hermanas/os, papás

  3. Visa para prometida/o

  4. Visa K 3/4

  5. Ciudadanía Americana

  6. Herencia de ciudadanía americana

  7. Ajustes Migratorios

  8. Procesos Consulares

  9. Cartas de sostenimiento

  10. Renovación de micas

  11. Cartas de invitación

  12. Autorizaciones de menor

  13. Huellas digitales

  14. Archivos de Inmigración (FOIA) y FBI

  15. Desempleo por Internet

  16. Solicitudes para pasaportes

  17. Fotos y traducciones

  18. Infopass


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Registered with the State of California SURETY BOND # 5242746 

(NO soy abogada / I’m NOT an attorney)




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